Christy & Sabrina

As busy moms of multiples, we understand the time constraint dinner time places on an already chaotic evening. We've tangoed with picky eaters and found ourselves overwhelmed in the aisles of the grocery store. 


Speedy Spoons was born to reduce your stress! We are making ourselves the middle man; we do the shopping, we prep the meals with flavorful spices and broth. All you do is add the protein! We are happy to provide you with an extensive menu which you can build based on your own likes. All of our dishes are kid approved and can be poured into your crockpot, cooked stovetop or oven!


Christy is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma; with a Masters of Science in Child Development. Family time is sacred to her and she thrives on providing those tiny bellies with wholesome and diverse foods.


Sabrina provides warmth, creativity, and fun to the Speedy Spoons family. She not only owns and operates the Coffee Cafe, but she brings strength to our team. 


So, pull up a chair! We're thrilled you'll be joining us!


Much love,


Christy & Sabrina 




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